Monday, 26 January 2009

Abstract Monkharap... Well... almost abstract

10:27 AM
Made a call at 9:15 in the morning to hear the song of awekening. It sounded so cozy and so endearing and I almost felt warm and happy. Waiting anxiously to continue what I have set in motion long back...

2:15 PM
I made another call and this time the world darkened. As if time had conspired and as if my best friend died. I could barely succeed in keeping from choking over the knot in my chest and my breathing was uneven. (Thank heavens it was over the phone for boys dont cry do they?). I could not believe I was actually feeling a bit good about the episode in a very strange way... It was acting... and I felt God to that act... I was deep within torn between a wish to howl out in pain but there was this civilised me... telling me to be sober and to wish all the best... It was a very disturbing moment... a moment I could have casually avoided with a simple question long back... but how was I to know... you dont know till you ask.... how much you are worth. When you dont say anything it means you havent said anything! and I could bet my right hand that there was no commitment anywhere or between anyone... yet the try to develop something out of thin air was refreshing... I wished all the best with a Rock in my pocket... I will throw it at my luck in leisure.

4:31 PM
The shadow was lifted. All along this span My Earth was in the umbra of the Moon. The Celestrial transpiration to align themselves in line for the importance of the day in my life... spooky! but I just learnt and thought I'd document.
Today My Earth witnessed an eclipse of the Sun. Albeit Partial.


Anonymous said...

There is day after night, there is summer after winter , dont worry, there will be light after darkness.

Anonymous said...

see yourself in the mirror of moring dew and be happy about your being here that is so meaningful